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How Does it Work?
Savoy’s Objects was birthed through a spectrum of 60s-80s decor, Blackploitation films, 70s music, and the vintage, Black woman‘s singularity. The founder, Reegan, sits every morning marveling over a compilation of those things, using music as a catalyst to string them all along ever so seamlessly.

Savoy’s Objects: luxury vintage home decor, is a brand and a confidence that expresses the multi-leveled complexities of Reegan’s interests, but also the intricacies and depths of the woman as we so know it to be. We seek to educate these depths through music, art, vintage home decor and history.

With that, at the 1st of each month, the Savoy's Object team releases upwards of 9 objects that are to aesthetically and functionally pair perfectly together. We have made it a point to take the hard work out for the consumer shopping experience, creating a collection of objects that can be purchased separately or together.

And it gets better, each release comes with a playlist.